Semi Homemade Almond Breakfast Pastries

Who loves waking up to warm fresh pastries each morning? I do! Who likes to get out of bed early on a cold winter morning to make said pastries? Not me. My sister came down to visit and I wanted to make something fun for us all to have for breakfast on Sunday morning. Kayla used to live in London with me but I started the blog after she moved back to the US so she hasn’t really had many chances to taste my baking.

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Sometimes when I’m reading a book for review I end up concentrating too hard and not sitting back and enjoying the actual book enough. For this month’s book club I didn’t “think” too much while reading and didn’t bookmark any special passages. Same as My Life in France I’m not going to critique an already best selling book.

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Green Tea and Lemon Loaf

My light lemon and tea scented loaf cake turned out to be a big hit with my husband. He’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy so I was a little surprised, but then again he’ll eat nearly anything I put in front of him. I’m pretty lucky that he’s adventurous to try new ingredients and flavors. This is a great after Thanksgiving loaf. If you’re feeling overloaded with turkey leftovers the gentle and delicate flavors of this loaf are perfect.

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French Vanilla & Sea Salt S'mores

I hope everyone had a delicious and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. We had a really great time at my sister’s house. She’s definitely a better cook than I am. She made the entire Thanksgiving meal from scratch. Cranberry sauce, yeasted rolls and the stuffing (even the cornbread in the stuffing). The jellied cranberry sauce she made I think was my favorite. We’re not even a cranberry sauce loving family. It was an amazing meal to inaugurate Alex into the Thanksgiving tradition.

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Pumpkin Spice M&M Cookies

Pumpkin Spice M&M Biscoff Cookies

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Hard to believe that this is the first time I’ll be having Thanksgiving on American soil since 2000. I was a junior in high school that year and just got my learners permit. That makes me feel really old now. I’m easing myself back into the tradition this year. I’m going to my sisters house in New Hampshire. We’re getting up a dawn and driving over there from Connecticut on Thursday morning. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t snow too hard.

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