Ombre Felt Flower Wreath

Ombre Felt Flower Wreath

Maybe it was the weekend’s warm weather but I was feeling extra adventurous on Saturday. After a lovely morning sat in the sunshine having coffee and running errands I dropped into Michael’s for some supplies to make a new wreath.

Ombre Felt Flower Wreath

My winter themed wreath has been hanging up since November and I was sick of looking at it. I’ve pinned many awesome looking wreaths but up until now have only made super easy wreaths that mainly involved my hot glue gun.

I decided to bite the bullet and go for a wreath with felt flowers. If I made of mess of it the felt sheets only cost 33 cents each.

I made three different kinds of “flowers” in three different colors. Roses, loopy flowers and fringed flowers using this awesome tutorial from Paper & Stitch. I won’t replicate the tutorial but note some of the measurements I used. I chose to do an ombre pattern, starting with the lightest color at the top and gradually getting darker.

wreath collage

I kept the beige burlap that I used for my winter wreath and cut away the winter decorations. There were a few holes but the flowers and new white “B” embellishment ¬†covered these up.

I made 8-10 flowers in each color using 2 sheets of felt (6 sheets of felt total). I used pearl topped pins for each flower; pushing it through the center and the end of the felt that tucks up onto the bottom of each rose instead of sewing each flower. For the other flowers I pushed a pin through the side and another pin through the center. Obviously be careful you don’t prick yourself.

Ombre Felt Flower Wreath

Roses: I made the roses an average size of 4 inch circles. I made a few smaller and a few larger so they wouldn’t all look the same. They’re very forgiving. I was sitting outside doing this all on my lap and ended up with a lot of ovals and it still looked fine. They all blend together nicely.

Loopy/Fringe: I cup strips 3 inches wide and approximately 11 to 12 inches long. I then cut it in half (3 inches wide and 5 or 6 inches long).

I would recommend making all of the flowers and then start pinning them on the wreath once it’s hanging up. I ended up rearranging mine a few times.

Total Cost
Straw Wreath* $5.99 (with coupon)
Beige Burlap* $4.99 (with coupon)
B $0.99
Felt $1.98
Green Ribbon $3.20 (optional)
Pearlized pins $1.99 (with coupon)
Total $19.14 (from new)
Total excluding items I already had at home/reused*  $8.16

Imagine people sell these wreaths on Etsy for $30-$50!

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