{Book Review} Skinny B**ch Gets Hitched


The vegan romance novel that I reviewed a few months ago has a sequel! Skinny B Gets Hitched¬†continues where the first book left off. Clementine is running her successful and tofutastic new restaurant, ‘Clementine’s No Crap Cafe’, and after a whirlwind romance is planning a wedding to her carnivore beau, Zach.

This story finds Clementine clashing with her future mother in law over their different ideas for the wedding, opening a second restaurant and her ongoing friendship with her roommate Sarah. There is also a rival wedding and some family feuds thrown in for good measure.

I love this series. It’s a classic romance theme of opposites attract but with a modern twist, the vegan and the steak loving meat eater with a cool California setting. The vegan food and lifestyle is still a prominent part of the story but as a omnivore I didn’t find it to be too in your face or distracting from the love story.

The characters and their relationships progressed in this book. It didn’t feel like a rehash of the first story. I thought the new characters introduced in this book added to the story line and kept this interesting. The only thing I’m left wanting to know is, how do you make a vegan wedding cake?

I received a copy to review. This post contains affiliate links.

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