Red Velvet Rice Krispie Treats

Red Velvet Rice Krispie Treats

These are so easy to make and they don’t require any baking at all. These are a fun twist on an old classic. I brought one into work to have after lunch and everyone at work looked horrified and amazed at the same time at the sight of these!

Red Velvet Rice Krispie Treats

These don’t taste overly of red velvet but they sure are cute. They turn red by adding a little red velvet cake mix to the melted butter.

Red Velvet Rice Krispie Treats

I still have a whole box of Rice Krispies left so expect to see a few more of these in the next few weeks.



Red Velvet Rice Krispie Treats


3 tbs unsalted butter

1/2 cup Red Velvet Cake Mix (you could make your own mix with some flour, cocoa powder and red gel food coloring)

3 cups mini marshmallows

6 cups Rice Krispies

1 cup white chocolate chips


  1. Lightly grease a square or rectangle baking tray. It doesn't matter what size. The smaller the tray the thicker the treats will be.
  2. In a large saucepan over medium heat melt the butter. Once melted stir in the cake mix and marshmallows.
  3. Once melted take off the heat and stir in the Rice Krispies (I stirred in half of the white chocolate chips. Don't over mix or they'll melt). Press into the prepared pan using a greased spatula or baking paper. Press in the rest of the chocolate chips on top.
  4. Once cool cut into squares.

adapted from Runs with Spatulas

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  1. These look literally amazing! Need to try.


  2. What a fun twist! these would be great for a Valentine's Day treat too.

  3. Kiara Ingrid

    Mmmm, these look amazing! Would adding a few chocolate chips over the top taste just as good?

  4. The Caked Crusader

    I have to admit that I'm not a fan of food colouring, however, these look AWESOME!


    Haha fab idea, I love red velvet cupcakes!!

  6. kerrycooks

    What an original idea! They're so wrong yet they're so right… imagine these with a pink colour for halloween…..BRAINS!

  7. filelalaine

    Dayum woman, youz gotz to have too much time on your hands :) Who woulda thunk to make these!

  8. Cupcake Kelly

    Kiara – you could add whatever topping you like! I used white chocolate mostly for red & white contrast.

    Sam – these really don't need a lot of food coloring as the rice krispies are really thin and light so they absorb the color quickly.

    kerry – you could make them any color to match any holiday! brains for halloween sounds good!

  9. I've never thought about that! it sounds amazing =)

  10. Elise Giordano

    This is the most delicious thing I have seen all day. I'm drooling!!!!

  11. I've made these twice already! Thank you for your genius. I will post a link to this from my blog. They make such a great treat.

  12. Cupcake Kelly

    Thanks! I'm glad you like them :)

  13. I love this twist on rice crispy treats! I love homemade rice crispies in general, and I can wait to try this recipe out!

  14. *faints* This must be Heaven in dessert form. I won’t rest til someone makes these for me. I WON’T! *subscribes to your blog*

  15. Hi! Just curious if you could tell me how many this recipe makes? Thanks! :)

  16. Well, I thought these looked pretty good so finally tried! Thought I had everything but as usual — nope! Instead of Red Velvet Cake Mix I had brownie mix + red food coloring so… with that change. I also modified since had used another recipe for similar treats and like the “texture” —
    Changed to 5 cups of cereal; 1 7 ounce container of “fluff” plus 2+ cups mini-marshmallows. After mixing all together, I think I should have used a bit more marshmallows and more butter (increased to 3T already)… I’ll update tomorrow after they have set and I slice up to serve!

  17. How do yours come out all red? Mine are white with red mixed throughout.

    • Hi! I made these 5 years ago now :-p but I’m pretty sure I mixed in the cake mix right after the marshmallows were melted and then gave the cereal a good stir. The brand of cake mix might make a small difference. You cold add in a little red food coloring too if it keeps happening.

    • Friendly Mom

      I had similar result as Kelly’s. Betty Crocker Red Velvet mix left these a dull, pale pink shade, with not enough marshmallow mixture to color all cereal (even after a vigorous mix). Tasty, but probably needs a lot of red gel food color to fix.

  18. How do you make your own red velvet cake mix EXACTLY? Is flour and cocoa powder really all you need? In what quantities?

    • I would do 1/4 cup cocoa powder and 1/4 cup flour. Since its not going in the oven baking powder etc is not needed. Stir that in after the marshmallows melt then add in the red color till you get the shade you want. If you have access buying a cake mix for $1 is probably easier!


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