{Book Review} Skinny B***h in Love


Skinny B***h in Love is a vegan romance novel. Definitely a niche category book but I review all foodie novels. Skinny B***h is actually a vegan cooking series that spans advice and cooking tips on being vegan and healthy.

Skinny B**** in Love is the first novel in the Skinny B***h enterprise. I have not had a chance to read the other books. I found this book to be fun. Clementine Cooper is a hot vegan chef and suddenly finds herself sabotaged and unemployable. She decides to start up her own vegan cookery school from her apartment but finds herself staring far too often at the sexy owner of the steakhouse across the street.

The storyline of opposites attract is pretty typical in romance novels but I thought that having a vegan and owner of a steak restaurant as the main characters was pretty cute. I’m not a vegan but I found myself salivating over the descriptions of all the fare that Chloe cooks up in her kitchen. My biggest disappointment with the book was there weren’t any recipes included. I’d really be interested in how Chloe makes her famous vegan tiramisu.

The book also has some pretty funny moments. The best analogy: some men are bad for you, like corn syrup (ha). My personal favorite quote is when Chloe’s friend tries to convince her that British guys try to trap you with their accents and trick you with their English phrases (Alex tries this on me all the time!).

There is a slight undertone in the book that tries and convinces you that being vegan is the only way that you can be skinny and awesome, but overall I enjoyed the book’s storyline.  Most importantly I learned that vegans and omnivores can live together harmoniously.

I received a copy to review

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