Chocolate Chip Sheet Cake

Chocolate Chip Sheet CakeIt’s been a little quiet around here the last month or two. While it’s been summer and so so hot in Nashville I decided it would be a good time to shed the rest of the baby weight. I’ve never gone on a diet or regularly visited a gym in my life so it’s been a challenge. However, I’m very surprised at my own will power! I’ve done a good job at eating healthy almost every day and having only one dessert on the weekend and one “fun” meal, which is really hard in Nashville…the land of fried chicken and mac and cheese. My efforts have paid off though. I’ve slowly and steadily shed 11 pounds. I’ve got about 4 pounds left. Chocolate Chip Sheet Cake

Since I’ve made a such good progress I’ve not tempted myself by keeping baked goods in the house. I have totally gone all out though whenever we get invited to a party or BBQ. That way I can still have making something but give most of it away.

Chocolate Chip Sheet Cake


Our neighbor invited the whole street over for a BBQ. She told us not to bring anything but I really wanted to make cake! I wanted to make something really easy that would feed a lot of people so sheet cake seemed like a good idea. It’s also pillowey soft and delicious.

I used the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. I used chocolate chips in the batter instead of of sprinkles and topped it with fluorescent fish sprinkles.

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