{Book Review} The Chocolate Kiss

chocolate cover

The Chocolate Kiss is a steamy romance novel set in a cozy Paris chocolate shop. Magalie and her two aunts spend their days stirring wishes into bubbling pots of chocolate chaud and making chocolate witches. Serving it all from their tiny blue kitchen in quirky mismatched china cups.

The main character Magalie, a half French half American twenty something is living in Paris with her aunts above their chocolate shop. All is perfect in her little slice of Paris until the famous patisserie, Phillipe Lyonnas, opens a shop on her turf. Once he shows up it starts to get a little hot in the kitchen.

Those that enjoy the romance genre will devour this book. What’s not to love? Paris, chocolate, macarons and a handsome pastry chef. There are some great imagery descriptions in the book, “…the essence of apricot had come down and kissed a shy pistachio, and they had decided to hang out and cuddle”. Laura’s description of the chocolate is almost sensuous and the other desserts mentioned she goes into great detail. I can almost taste it all while reading.

There are a few hilarious moments in the book with one of Paris’s best food bloggers, Christophe, who also happens to be majorly annoying in the eyes of Phillipe. You can feel the tension between Magalie and Phillipe through most of the book.

The cold winter weather we’ve been having lately is perfect to cozy up and read this book with a cup of cocoa at your side. Chocolate and romance is a perfect combination! The content of this book is more racy than the others I reviewed here so note that this book is for adults!

I received a copy from the publisher for review

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