{Book Review} Bake It Like You Mean It

coverBake It Like You Mean It is the latest book from Gesine Bullock Prado. I love how her books are so incredibly focused. Sugar Baby was all about sugar and candy making, Pie it Forward was only about Pies and Bake It Like You Mean It is about cake, cake and more cake!

I was really excited for this book to be released. Like all of her other books it’s absolutely beautiful. The cakes inside are more works of art than dessert. There is an enermous amount of information and detail throughout but it’s presented in a useful way. The wordy bits are funny and it’s fairly easy to follow.

The book has detail on equipment, ingredients and some useful tips that you’ll need to follow if you want to try and attempt some of these cakes. They are far more elaborate than the cakes you’ll find in an average cookbook.

Sideways Rainbow Cake

There are five chapters in the book that cover meringues, sponge cakes, pound cakes, cheesecakes and yeasted bakes. I have the e-book version and I can say that it’s the best that I’ve come across so far. The table of contents shows up with all the chapters and recipes and is easily clickable. When I bookmarked a recipe the name of the recipe is saved in my list. I have a lot of e-books and it’s impossible to find the page you’re looking for sometimes. All of the recipes are listed in American cups, ounces and metric.

Marble Bundt Cake

This book while beautiful is not for the beginner. I would recommend an intermediate level and knowledge of baking. A lot of the cakes in here were intimidating even to me. A few of the recipes had ingredients that I’d never heard of before, like guanabana (still have no idea what kind of fruit that is). I made 3 recipes from the book. Two of them came out brilliant. The Sideways Rainbow Cake was too beautiful to eat and the Marble Swirl Bundt was fluffy as a cloud (I’m not exaggerating). The third was a pumpkin coffee cake. I’m not sure but I think I made a mistake while mixing it up and it ended up in the trash.

If you’re not afraid of a challenge than this book is for you!

*I received a copy to review

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