{Book Review} Rosemary & Crime



Today I have a delightful mystery foodie novel set in the south. Rosemary and Crime is a murder mystery story with a setting in a spice store. The descriptions of exotic cinnamon and peppercorns definitely had me giving my own spice collection a once over.

Piper Prescott is a newly divorced middle aged woman and about to open a store dedicated to spices in her small town. On the day of her grand opening she stumbles upon the local hot headed chef’s dead body! The new chief of police makes her suspect #1. Will her new business survive and can she prove her innocence?

I breezed through this story in no time at all. It had enough twists and turns that kept me guessing who done it the entire book. There was enough humor peppered in with the dialogue. Piper and her BFF get into some pretty funny situations. Some of the characters are a little silly but I found them all interesting and the main character very likable. The ex husband is a little bit of a stereotype but the family relationships and dynamics set up enough interest for there to be sequels.

I would definitely read another Piper Prescott book. I’d like to see some southern recipes in the book to go along with the spices in Piper’s spice store.

I received a copy to review. This post contains affiliate links.

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