{Book Review} Teeny’s Tour of Pie


I’m continuing my pie obsession with Teeny’s Tour of Pie. I’m working on my pie crust technique. I’m slowly getting better and figuring which kind of pie crusts I like best (Crisco based crust so far if you’d like to know).

Teeny started her journey making pies in her Chicago apartment and undertook a bakers apprentice. During her “Tour of Pie” Teeny wanted to learn more about baking and running a business from strong female bakers. The tips she learned are peppered throughout the book. She spent a month at different pie bakeries across the country and learned all about making pie!

Snickerdoodle Pie

This book is packed with information. The introduction chapter goes into detail about different kinds of pie plates, rolling pins and pie birds. If you’re like me and struggle with dough then make sure to give the book a read before getting started on the recipes.

There’s a whole chapter dedicated to crusts with recipes for whole wheat crusts, shortening crust, gluten free crust, pretzel crust and sugar cookie crust (to name a few) . The book also contains picture tutorials. I always have trouble rolling out the dough so it’s big enough for the pie plate and I found Teeny’s instructions for rotating and rolling in an X shape helpful.

I made three pies from the book. The Snickerdoodle Pie, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Pie and a Hash Brown Pie. All of the recipes came out good but I would maybe adjust some ratios in the hash brown pie and brownie pie next time.

Most of the recipes have instructions on making “Teeny” pies, miniature versions of the regular pies. The pie recipes are divided by season and peppered with recipes from her pie apprenticeships.

I received a copy to review 

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