{Book Review} A Taste for Trouble


It’s starting to get a little hot in the kitchen! A Taste for Trouble by Gina Gordon is a steamy new cupcake romance novel. Full of baking innuendos and I’m talking a lot more risque than some soggy bottoms. Liz and Jake make some serious sensual cupcakes together.

The book follows Liz who is focused on work, to do lists, business plans and opening her own bakery in Toronto. Relationships are not on the agenda and she finds herself extremely distracted from her new business when she meets Jake.

This paraphrased quote from Gina sums up a lot about the book, “baking is simple, an exact science. Life, on the other hand, is messy”. I can’t say too much more about the book as it’s definitely for an adult audience only. Read it and trust me you’ll never think of frosting the same way again! There aren’t words to describe it anyway.

I enjoyed reading this book but some of cupcake innuendos were almost distracting from the story and pretty silly. The story was also too predictable for me. I love a good thickening plot but after reading the first few pages I correctly guessed the two biggest story twists. However, for the summer this would be a good and indulgent poolside read.

I received a copy to review

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