{Book Review} The Perfect Peach

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There have been plenty of fad cookbooks out there and I have reviewed plenty of them. Some of them have been fun and fabulous and there have been others that failed to meet expectations. The Perfect Peach is one I can completely get behind. This book review is just in time too! It’s going to keep you inspired all summer.

The Perfect Peach has 50 sweet and savory recipes that all involve peaches. The recipes are all  from the famous Matsumoto Family Farm in California. This cookbook is the only time where I actually think that pictures of not just the featured recipes actually enhances the book. The photos of the orchard and fresh peaches are stunning and mouthwatering.

Peach Tempura

The book includes chapters on beverages, savory dishes, sweet dishes and preserves. There is a very handy “peach primer” at the front  that contains pages and pages about everything you could ever want to know about peaches. Make sure to read this first before you get started. It contains everything about peeling, storing, ripeness and more. The book is also filled with lovely little blurbs about the family, the farm and how much they love peaches.

Peach Crisp

I bookmarked way too many recipes and couldn’t decide what to make first! I finally settled on Peach Tempura and a simple Peach Crisp. My only wish was that I could get my hands of some amazing California peaches. The ones we get in the UK have to travel from pretty far away and are not of the highest quality.

I definitely see myself dusting this book off and using it each summer.

I received a copy to review

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