{Book Review} Last Diner Standing


Last Diner Standing is the second book in the Rose Strickland murder mystery series. Rose is on the road to a lousy Christmas. Her employer is having a turf war with a rival diner down the street, her almost boyfriend is marked by a hit man and her BFF has been arrested for the attempted murder of her ex-husband. Rose vows to prove her friend innocent of charges and starts her own investigation.

The book focuses on main character, Rose, who works part time as a waitress at Ma’s Diner, which only serves breakfast. I really loved Rose, she’s definitely more of a free spirit, loyal to her friends and doesn’t let her parent’s expectations of what her life should be like get in her way. I wouldn’t call this a serious John Grisham style murder mystery. The novel is peppered with very humorous dialogue and very small hint of romance.

I really enjoyed this book. I love diners. I try to patron them when I’m back in the US. They’re a great piece of American culture. I can’t wait till I visit my sister in June and she can take me to The Red Arrow! It wasn’t necessary to have read the first book to enjoy the second in the series.

After reading Last Diner Standing I’m definitely interested in reading the first novel, Diners, Dives & Dead Ends. The book is available to download for Kindle for £1.95 which is a bargain compared to the £15 hardcover price!

I received a copy from the publisher to review

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