{Book Review} Stacie Bakes


My experience so far tells me that Americans love all things British. A British accent in America turns heads and can even win over the steely woman that works at the DMV. Just ask my husband Alex, he’s turned on his British charm on a few occasions so far! What’s not to love about Great Britain? They have the Queen, Big Ben and a lot of history. For so long I posted about bringing American baking to the UK, today I have a British baking book to introduce to the Americans.

Stacie Stewart was a finalist on the UK version of Masterchef and runs her own business, Beehive Bakery (her beehive is her trademark but for some reason her hair is down on the book cover). I’d recommend this book for Americans looking to try British baking. The book has good practical baking advice. The recipes are nearly all simple, straight forward and easy to follow. For those not comfortable with weighing ingredients (which is how they bake in Europe) all of the recipes are also written in American Cups. English ingredients are also translated to their American equivalent. You don’t have to worry if you can’t find Golden Syrup. If you don’t already own a good baking bible then Stacie Bakes is a nice easy book to get your started. A great book for Americans looking for something a little different. There are recipes for Turkish Delight, Homity Pie and Victoria Sponge.

Gold Dusted Brownies

The chapters are arranged by occasion and event such as breakfast, New Year, Valentine’s Day etc. The book covers a wide range of bakes, starting from the basics, like flapjacks and sandwiches, and heads toward more advanced with recipes for French macarons and croissants. Along with the classics there are some seriously fun looking desserts. Rhubarb tart tatin, salted caramel custard cake and a gin and tonic dessert. I already made Stacie’s gold dusted brownies from her Christmas chapter.

I have one pet peeve with this book and it drives me crazy with cookbooks. Countless pictures of the author. I stopped counting after picture number three of Stacie riding a vespa. I’d rather see her face on the cover and on the inside pictures of what it is I should bake.

I received a copy to review. This post contains affiliate links.

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