{Book Review} Have You Eaten?

Have You Eaten? is the first book for former Masterchef Australia contestant Billy Law. Bill,originally, from Malaysia where the phrase ‘have you eaten?’ pretty much is said before ‘how are you?’. Before appearing on Masterchef Billy was a food blogger.

I would definitely describe this book as quirky. It has some Asian influences but is more a new twist on some old favorites. Like Black Pudding Sliders, Oysters with cucumber sorbet and pepper spray and marmite chicken. The book consists of six chapter, snack attack, on the side, easy peasy, over the top, rice & noodles and sugar hit.

Some of the recipes may sound odd but I find them refreshing and fun. There are plenty of recipes that are more everyday than over the top such as, ribs, wings and fried tofu. Layout isn’t usually something that catches my attention in cookbooks but I liked the casual feel the book gave when I was flicking through it.

Gingerbread Ice Cream

I enjoyed the overall feel of this book with the great dinner ideas and I booked marked a few of the fun recipes to experiment one day. Having an Australian book on my shelf is a good change from the many American and British books that I own. I already made the cola chili chicken (pg 101) for dinner one night and the gingerbread ice cream which turned out fantastic.

I received a copy of Have You Eaten? to review

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