{Book Review} Extreme Brownies


I had reservations about another cookbook dedicated completely to brownies. I love my Fat Witch cookbook but of course being a baker that does not discriminate I just had to give a few recipes from Extreme Brownies a whirl!

The PMS brownies I made were rich, dense and decadent. The second recipe I made, Kit Kat & Caramelized Cocoa Krispie Brownies, was even better! It’s top three favorite of all time it was that good.

PMS Brownies

The books is definitely a different style to the other brownie books that I have. It takes the brownies to, as the title suggests, the Extreme. They’re so extreme that I had to tone down the Kit Kat brownies! It was too much chocolate even for me. There are 50 over the top recipes and the book is simply divided into two sections, brownies and blondies. There’s an introduction to ingredients that you’ll need, a few pages about preparing your brownie pan and cutting them into neat squares and a page of expert tips.

I’m not going to lie. As soon as I got this book I flipped through it straight away without reading anything so I could make something that same day!

KIt Kat & Caramelized Brownies

I couldn’t find out much about the author, Connie. She’s made her brownies on the Today show and has a brownie stall at a Virginia Beach farmers market but I couldn’t find any web page or social media account for her business.

If you’re looking for a basic chocolate brownie then you need to look somewhere else! All 50 recipes have some sort of filling, glaze, frosting, candied nut or sauce. There are not pictures for every recipe which is a shame because the pictures that are included are amazing. I however, did not find it an impediment to making the recipes. While each recipe has two or three different elements they’re not difficult to make.

If you have some baking experience you should be able to bake these. I own a ton of cookbooks but I can see myself using this book many times over. I already have the Peanut Butter Cup Blondies and the Mallow Coconut Brownies book marked.

I received a copy to review. This post contains affiliate links.

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