{Book Review} Diary of a Cupcake Shop


Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own bakery? What would your life be like? Is it sprinkles and sunshine? Remember a few weeks ago when I made these pretty Easter Funfetti Cupcakes? The creator of that recipe is Janelle Dietrick who actually had a bakery and wrote a diary of one year in her life, Diary of a Cupcake Shop.

The book starts off in January and chronicles one year in Janelle’s life. The daily ups and downs, strange things that happen and some of the trends that she notices. Along with each month are several cupcake recipes (I counted just over 50 recipes). To go with the recipes there are plenty of baking tips.

Some of the quirky observations definitely made me laugh! More cupcakes orders are placed for Father’s Day than Mother’s Day. Husbands never think to order ahead! My favorite observation, hang overs and family holidays go hand and hand (along with a recovery box of cupcakes).

Overall I enjoyed the book but I wish Janelle had wrote more. It felt much too short and there wasn’t enough context worked into the diary entries for me. I find it fascinating what a day in the life of someone like Janelle is but the book has no mention whatsoever about why she decided to open store, anything about herself or her background, her culinary qualifications or how successful the business was. The name of the shop isn’t mentioned once.  I felt like I opened a book and only read the middle section.

Easter Funfetti Cupcakes

This is a short book, at just over 150 pages and while I was left wanting for a little bit more the recipe I made turned out pretty great and I bookmarked several others, Breakfast of Champions (Bourbon & Cornflakes, Emerald Isle and Midnight in Paris. I have never had any desire to open up a bakery of my own and after reading Janelle’s book and all the hard work that goes into one I know I made the decision that’s best for me. I’m pretty happy as a full time accountant and part time blogger!

I received a copy of the book to review

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