{Book Review} 101 Things to do with Popcorn

101 Things to do with Popcorn may sound like a silly title for a recipe book but I loved all the great ideas that I had never even considered using popcorn with before. The only thing I’ve ever done with popcorn in the past was put a bag of buttered popcorn in the microwave.

In the UK microwave popcorn isn’t super popular and the popcorn served at the movie theaters leaves a lot to be desired, but for some unusual reason ready made popcorn sold as snacks in grocery stores, upscale stores and lunch cafes have gained popularity in recent years. I love these little packs as it’s a healthier option than a bag a chips.

Gooey Chocolate Popcorn

I love this book because popcorn is relatively cheap ingredient to buy and many of the recipes in the book won’t break the family budget. They also have a great ‘wow factor’ and many of the recipes can be given as gifts. With the holidays only a few months away putting popcorn in cellophane bags with pretty ribbons would be a great idea.

Birthday Cake Popcorn

The book starts off with an introduction to popcorn and has the following chapters. Bars & Balls, my dad used to make us funky colored popcorn balls when we were kids. I’m definitely making the pumpkin balls when autumn rolls around. Granola & Trail Mixes are a great low cost snack to take with you on the go. Savory Popcorn and Sweet Snacks. I made a Birthday Cake popcorn using a modified recipe from this section. My favorite chapter, Chocolate Popcorn, I made a gooey sweet and salty popcorn. The last chapter, There’s Popcorn in This?, has recipes for cake, muffins and dinner dishes using popcorn.

For those in the UK some of the recipes call for American ingredients that you may need to track down such as marshmallow fluff. A few of the sweet recipes call for corn syrup but I had no problems substituting golden syrup. Flicking through the book also gave me lots of inspiration to come up with my own popcorn recipes.

Happy Popping!

Thanks to Gibbs Smith for my copy


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