{Book Review} Cooking your way to Gorgeous


I saw this book and I thought, please not another diet book, but then I saw that the tag line was home made facials and I was immediately intrigued. I don’t get huge stocks of beauty products in my bathroom but I do love to browse around Boots and try new creams and make up.

The book is written by Scott Vincent Borba who is a skin care expert. I was also skeptical because he’s a favorite of celebrities but I thought the book still deserved a chance. The concept of the book is to feed your skin from the inside. Become a “beauty foodie” without all the expensive creams.

The book has seven chapters and each chapter is focused on a part of the body eyes, face and core with additional chapters  for cocktails and mocktails. Nearly ever page in the book has at least one handy extra tip and every recipe has a corresponding beauty tip. I was excited to try out some of the beauty treatments. The only thing I spend an arm and a leg on is my sulphate free shampoo from France . I was pleased with my pineapple honey face mask.

All of the beauty treatments are easy. straightforward and require inexpensive ingredients. A few of the recipes have ingredients that I wouldn’t buy or keep at home such as flaxseed, red palm oil and camu camu powder.¬† The recipes are all healthy but since I’m not a super picky eat most of them I would make or eat myself. If you are a picky eater be warned there is lots of fish, kale and chicory (substituting would be pretty pointless because the ingredients are chosen for their health benefits).

Most of the recipes are for two people which is perfect for us. There are a few recipes that I wouldn’t eat like cranberry prawn cocktail or lentil sloppy joes. I personally also don’t like baking with sweeteners but that’s just my personal preference.

Overall, I thought the book was very fun. I didn’t feel like a diet book and the point is to not lose weight but to eat and use things that will make you feel good. I think some of the home beauty treatments would be fun to try out on a girls night in.

I received a copy to review

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