{Book Review} Fried Chicken


Nashville is home to some pretty intense Fried Chicken. It has it’s own fried chicken invention, hot chicken. Be warned though, it’s for those with iron stomachs! My two favorite places (so far) are Pepperfire and Big Shake’s.

Fried chicken is taken very seriously down here. It’s not just from the American South though. Countries all over the world incorporate fried chicken into their culture and cuisines. It’s the ultimate comfort food the world over and there are countless ways to prepare it.


Rebecca Lang introduces us to the story of friend chicken (basically as long as chicken has been around) and dozens of different ways to enjoy it.  The book has three chapters, skillet fried, deep fried and combination fried.


The beginning of the book goes through Chicken 101. How to cut the chicken into pieces, brining and safety. There is a recipe for Tennessee Hot Chicken, Orange and Lemon chicken and beer battered chicken. There is also recipes for slaw, sauces and biscuits included as accompaniments to the chicken.

I mix and matched a few of the brining, recipes and frying methods while I was on maternity leave earlier this year. Each recipe was delicious! I made chicken brined in sweet tea, the buttermilk waffles and chicken brined in buttermilk. Please excuse my terrible mobile phone pictures! When Oskar was a newborn he loved to cry during dinnertime and I didn’t have the energy for real photos.

A must have book for anyone that loves Fried Chicken.

I received a copy to review

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