Whoopie Pies at Harrods

It was beautiful outside today, which is rare in England sometimes, so I decided to take a walk around Central London and then on to Knightsbridge. I’ve read about the whoppie pies in a few magazines now and they look really pretty but there weren’t any comments about the taste.

I forgot my camera so I took pictures with my blackberry instead. The case with all the pies looked so pretty.

They had Mango & Lime, Classic, Red Velvet and Butterscotch
They also have mini whoopie pies which were adorable!The box it came in was so cute but was a little too small. When the lid closed it squished the glaze on the top
The top got a little squished but it still tasted fine!
I chose a Mango & Lime Whoopie Pie. It was hard they all looked so good! I waited till I got home to try it. The pie in comparison to the Hummingbird pie was much smaller but it was more jazzy. It had a glaze, sprinkles, glitter and a chocolate Harrod’s disc on the top. The filling in the middle was perfect. It was light and you could really taste the lime. The cake was a little less spectacular. It was a little dense for my liking.
Overall I enjoyed it and I think I’ll go back to try another flavor!
Overall rating 6/10.
It was £2.50 for one pie and £1.25 for a mini pie.
Read about whoopie pies revisted!

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  1. Cupcake Crazy Gem

    Hmm they do look really yummy in their cabinet! and the mango and lime one sounds delicious! they were reviewed in The Times yesterday with only 1 star! and so I wasn't bothered about trying them but now I've seen your review and these pics I may have to rethink!!

  2. sophdobe

    I just went to Harrods and got a red velvet whoopie and classic whoopie~

    Must say, they are not as good as expected (cuz I read on the times that they r the best!)

    The cake is a bit dry and dense and the filling is a bit runny (I did like the peanut butter filling in the red velvet though).

    I think they might be better without the glazing though.

  3. Hmm.. they look more like a French patisserie than a whoppie pie…

  4. Katherine Rodríguez

    Awwwww theyy look like toys ^______^