The Cupcake Company London Review

The Cupcake Company

I’ve been meaning to get to The Cupcake Company for awhile now. I’m not sure when it opened. When I went with two of my friends on a Saturday afternoon it was very busy!

The Cupcake Company
I decided to get 4 mini cupcakes so I could taste most of their flavors they had that day. White chocolate, chocolate, lemon and banana.
The Cupcake Company
I carried them around town all day so they got a little squished. My friends each got a vanilla cupcake with really cute multi colored swirled frosting and a chocolate dog on top!
The Cupcake Company
The cake on all of them was nice and moist (except the lemon). The white chocolate frosting was very flavorful and the chocolate cupcake wasn’t overly sweet. I could taste the bitterness of the dark chocolate.The lemon cake was my least favorite. It was a little dry. The banana cupcake was the winner. The cake was really moist and I think it had a Rolo caramel frosting on top. I really enjoyed it.
The Cupcake Company
Unlike most places in London all the cakes and cupcakes are made in the shop. The cupcakes to buy were in the window up front and the rest of the place was a baking and decorating factory! No seating or drinks sold. I would come back next time I’m near Kensington (Anne had a totally different opinon and was sold a clearly old stale cake on her visit).
Each mini was £1 and the full sized cupcakes were £2.50 each.

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  1. Antonio

    Hola, acabo de conocer tu blog y me quedo como seguidor. Espero que nos sigamos viendo por aquí. Un saludo

  2. Franziska

    Wow, £2.50 for a cupcake. I know it's London but come on! Totally overpriced.

  3. Cupcake Kelly

    @Franziska – £2.50 nowadays seems to be the average price for one a shop (hummingbird charge £1.80 for plain vanilla or chocolate which is a very good price)! I am disguested by the shop in soho that charges £4.00 for gross cupcakes (plus an extra 25p for a little box to take it home in).