Tea Tasting at East India Company

Tea Tasting

Early last week I attended a tea tasting at the new East India Company store in Mayfair. If you read my blog often enough you’ll know that tea is my second love after cake so I was pretty excited! I love drinking tea but didn’t know that much about the different varieties. Andrea from Made With Pink was also there!

Tea Tasting
Jane Pettigrew gave the lecture. She’s written seven books on tea! Seven! I had no idea there was so much to say about tea.
Tea Tasting
Due to the company’s heritage it takes it’s tea seriously. They have their own master tea blender that can help you chose any tea you could possibly need and he makes the blends they sell in store.
Tea Tasting
We tasted six different kinds of tea ranging from a delicate white tea to a black early gray tea. White tea has the most antioxidants and is great for having after lunch. It was interesting tasting each tea and then trying to guess the tones (a lot like a wine tasting). Tea comes from a variety of different tea plants and herbal teas such as chamomile aren’t actually tea at all!
Tea Tasting
These were the varieties we had
  • Golden Tips (white)
  • Dragonwell Lung Ching (green)
  • Chun Me (green)
  • Sencha (green)
  • Sacred Heart (green)
  • Earl Gray (black)
Hopefully I’ve got all my facts right (I didn’t take any notes). For white tea the leaves are not oxidized at all, slightly oxidized for green tea and completely oxidized in black tea. Certain kinds of tea are also protected. Dragonwell tea can only come from a special town in China. I really liked all of the blends we tasted. I am partial to a good earl gray though!

Tea Tasting The Dragonwell tea is also know as eyebrow tea as the leaves are all twisted.

Tea Tasting
The store is pretty posh! This is the perfect place to get, as the store manager put it, the person that has everything. Also beware, it is all delicious and a tad pricey. They sell gold leaf orange marmalade, sea salt chocolate and chocolate cherry  and chili biscuits (I bought these along with some tea and they are hot!). They served some snacks after, and as usual I ate till I felt stuffed.
Tea Tasting

Chocolate covered coffee beans were amazing! I really liked the shop as the products have interesting flavor combinations. Not just plain marmelade and plain black tea. I think they’ll give Fortnum & Mason a bit of competition.
Tea Tasting
Thanks to the East India Company for inviting me! I was a guest for the lecture and purchased some goodies from the shop after.

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  1. Amberleena

    I love love love tea and of course cupcakes! I enjoyed reading your post- I really like all the interactive pictures.

  2. OperaFan921

    Tea + Chocolate covered Coffee beans = HEAVEN!!!!!

  3. Masia Mum

    Afternoon Tea is positively my favourite meal of the day. I have worked my way round most of the decent venues for afternoon tea in London and surround. Judged by the quality of the tea served, the cost [always a tad expensive but the best are worth it], the sandwich selection, scones, and the wonderful cakes. Visit some of my past blogs for stories of my indulgences in tea rooms and the spreads created at home.

  4. Dmarie

    not into tea or coffee (yes, I'm a Martian) but your pics are lovely. Look forward to seeing more of your site. Congrats on being named a Blog of Note!

  5. What a delightful blog!

  6. Laurel

    Looks delightful…I'm jealous! The pics are great, you feel like you were actually there.

  7. Sophia

    I want to go to this place.

  8. Made With Pink

    Hey Kelly, Have you tried the tea you bought that night yet? I really like mine, and it smells amazing! I can't get those chocolates out of my mind. They were amazing! I'm tempted to crack open the box I bought for my parents!

  9. Lujayn

    aaah I LOVE tea <3
    ur lucky u got to taste all these kinds
    have a nice day :)


  10. Cupcake Kelly

    Andrea, my tea is amazing! It's not too strong and smells really nice! Those cookies are soo spicy! If I ete more than 2 my mouth goes numb :-p

  11. Hi Kelly. I arrived here through Blogs of Note. Congrats on that.
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog and now I feel extremely hungary.
    I love patisserie and baked products generally but have to admit that I just dont 'get' cupcakes! I will just have to wait for the next cake craze to come along; I heard it might be macaroons – that'll do nicely!
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  12. Bargain-Backpacker

    If you ever make it up to Aberdeen try Blackbird bakery cupcakes – the best I've ever had and I'm a huge fan! Definitley following your blog :)

  13. Dancing Through Life

    Yum! SOnds like a wonderful adventure to me! How posh!

  14. Paulina Lis

    yummy! This blog is very tasty :) Be sure to try to make:))