Taste of London 2010

I had a fantastic time at Taste of London this year! This is the third time I’ve been and I really decided to indulge and got several crowns to spend at the restaurant booths. I went with one friend and her dad so I didn’t eat all this stuff!
 I also watched Heston Blumenthal do a cooking demonstration. Between all of that I didn’t have much time to visit the stalls selling other goods, but many of them were the same as previous years so I don’t feel I missed out on too much!
Lisa and I met Ainsley Harriott. He was very nice and took photos with everyone. His food company had a stall and he was definitely working the crowd!

Bay Breeze from Waitrose cocktail bar (vodka, cranberry juice and pineapple juice). One of the people I was with had this and said it was nice and fruity but only had one shot of vodka.

I had this and I really really loved it. Chocolate mousse with strawberries, coconut whip & hazelnut crackling. Waitrose gave a recipe card for this. I think I’ll try and make it!

Chicken Tikka Turnover from Benares

Smoked Salmon with 2 dipping sauce and there was a sprig of lavender on top. I think this came from Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill

Mexican Doughnuts with Butterscotch sauce from Asia de Cuba. This was one of my favorites! It came with a little cup of sorbet as well.

I can’t remember which restaurant this came from but it was a rice noodle dish. My friend had it and said it was fairly spicy.

This was a platter from Yauatcha. It looked amazing! I’ve bought chocolate from their shop before but I really want to go for dim sum now! I had a dim sun platter from Min Jiang that was very tasty but I can’t find the picture.

Chocolate Viennese Cake from the Vienna Tourism booth. Very good, light moist chocolate cake with a small amount of apricot jam

Fillet Steak au poivre & pomme frites. Not sure if the little cup is lobster bisque or the peppercorn sauce. Both were the same color. This was my other favorite. The bisque was amazing and the steak was really tender.

This really pretty cake was on display at Bea’s of Bloomsbury

The cupcakes at Bea’s were very pretty but I’m not sure they were worth the £2.50 price tag. I had a Vanilla & Blackberry. The frosting was interesting. Not to sweet but you could taste the fruit. The cake was a little dry (UPDATE: read more about Bea’s here).

Heston pretty much gave a PowerPoint presentation on BBQ

Heston’s rules for a BBQ

How to make Hay Smoked Mackerel on the BBQ

I had a really great time at Taste of London this year, ate some great food and found some restaurants to visit in the future. I’m already looking forward to Taste of Christmas in December!

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  1. The noodles were also from Yauatcha. The little cup with the steak and frites is the lobster bisque (I had some of my dad's). Bea's was good – I think the cupcakes sitting outside for hours didn't help, but I really enjoyed the frosting.

  2. Cupcake Kelly

    I agree. The frosting was very nice. I enjoyed the fruity flavor rather than it being too sweet.

  3. madewithpink.com

    Too funny. I was also at the taste of London this weekend. We had a lot of the same stuff you did! The mexican donuts and mojito sorbet was one of my fav's. I also really liked the Malaysian food, and the dim sum trio and the steak and fries – ahh there was too much good stuff wasn't there! I also had the chocolate mousse, but thought the chocolate mousse part was really solid – more like a truffle. I tried the chocolate cake as well, but didn't like it at all :-(


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