Swiss Macarons – Luxemburgerli’s from Sprungli

I’m fascinated by macarons lately. I’ve also just bought a book from Amazon and plan on making more. There are different variations of maracons. There are French Macarons, Italian Macarons and Swiss Macarons. I’m sure there are others out there but these are the main ones I’ve come across in my research.

A French Macaron is meringue and almond based. Like the Rose ones I made not that long ago. The Italian Macarons are meringue, almond, and made with a sugar syrup that has to be heated to a certain temperature. Like the ones at Pierre Herme.
A Luxemburgerli is a Swiss Macaron.
The recipe for Luxemburgerli’s are top secret and I couldn’t find anything to indicate what makes them different than a French and Italian Macaron. They are more light and airy than a traditional macaron.

There is another layer of macarons under the paper!
From what I can tell these are only available around Zurich. Luxemburgerli’s are only made by Sprungli. Someone bought me these at the Zurich airport. I’ve already checked the Sprungli website and they don’t deliver these to EU areas as they are very perishable.
The box I had was fairly big and had an assortment of flavors. They were all delicious and I can still taste them when I look at these pictures. These were mostly traditional flavors like vanilla, champagne, coffee, chocolate and pistachio.
I’ve been very bad. I was given these just after Easter and I’m only writing about them now. Finishing this post has inspired me to make more macarons!

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