Sweet Couture Cake Boutique Review

Sweet Couture Cupcakes

Sweet Couture Cupcakes opened near Covent Garden a few months ago and this was my first visit. I really wanted to like this place. It’s really cute inside the staff were friendly and the cupcakes looked very pretty. Unfortunetly I’m on the fence. I had one bad cupcake and one ok cupcake.

Sweet Couture Cupcakes
I thought that the inside while very cute was trying really hard to be like Lola’s or Sprinkles and not very individual. The cupcakes were also iced in two different ways. Most cake places seem to have their frosting style as a signature.
Sweet Couture Cupcakes
I always say this but the flavors on offer were really unispiring. Always the same, vanilla, chocolate, lemon and Oreo and not much else. I’d like to see more interesting flavors but I think their basics need a little work.
Sweet Couture Cupcakes
I got a Chocolate Toffee. It was not very pleasant. The only toffee I could taste was the little bit drizzeled on top. The icing was hard and tasted of nothing but butter. I ate all of it and regreted it later. It sat like a rock in my stomach. The cake part was ok. It was a little crumbly and had an ok chocolate flavor.
Sweet Couture Cupcakes
The chocolate cupcake was much better in comparison. I really enjoyed the chocolate frosting. It was smooth and had a nice chocolate taste. The cake tasted the same as the chocolate toffee.
Sweet Couture Cupcakes
I think that in a few months I’ll go back again and see if they have any different flavors or if anything has improved.
For two cupcakes it was just under £5.00

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  1. The Fancy Lady

    i hate when cute cupcake places have bad cupcakes lol i'm so glad i found your blog london is my favorite place in the world and next time i go ill have some cupcake places to check out, have you ever tried crumbs and dollies cupcakes? they set up at convent garden for the markets im not sure if they have an actual store i follow their blog and i wanted to see if i should try them on my next trip lol

  2. Cupcake Kelly

    hi fancy lady! your comment is so timely! I have just yeterday written this guide! http://cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com/2011/04/londons-best-cupcakes.html

    I don't care much for crumbs and doillies (they sell at patridges market in sloane square). There are just so many sellers out there now that there's aren't up to scratch anymore. I had a salted caramel cupcake a few weeks ago and the cake part was really hard.

  3. Mary @The Sweet Bookshelf

    I'm American and I live in Scotland. The Brits are sorely lacking in baking supplies. Don't you think?!

    I find most the cupcakes here are dry. The cake part is crumbly and flavorless. The icing is the same. I've been dying for a good cupcakes, but never seem to find one. It's a sad day when that happens.

  4. Cupcake Kelly

    @mary, I agree that the baking supplies are lacking! Luckiliy my sister is nice enough to send me the things I really *nned* from williams sonoma. The lankland store here is quite good and I buy imported stuff from the US from Jane Asher and a small store in Richmond.

    There are a lot of dry cakes out there which is sad. If you#re ever in London I've got a little map with the ones I like on there (page at the top of the blog).

  5. Anonymous

    You are sooo wrong here! Sweet couture's cupcakes are the best around, along with hummingbirds! The rest of them are just there to look pretty but taste awful. Sweet couture's really tasted soft and hand made, I asked them their secret but no luck so I'll just be going back! You obviously don't know good from bad! If you know food then you'd know their's are yum!
    Amanda, London

  6. Anyone with eyes can see that cupcake was dry on the inside. Plus, I have never had an occasion when Kelly's reviews were not spot-on… but then again you probably know good food since you come from a country whose greatest culinary achievement is fried fish wrapped in news paper. Enjoy your cupcake.


  7. Anonymous

    It is a shame you are not by the Midlands as my sisters cupcakes are divine! Not only do they look great, they come in lots of flavours and taste lovely. Her website is cottonandcrumbs.com



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