Richmond is one of my favorite places in London. I lived there when I first moved to London. It’s nice to go on a summer day and walk by the river. There are also a lot of really nice cafes around.

One of my favorite places in Richmond is the Tea Box. It only opened a few years ago. I really wish it was open when I lived there.I would go there everyday instead of Starbucks or other coffee chains.

I got a cheese scone this time. I think the fruit ones are the best. They have blueberry, apple, pumpkin and many others. They serve breakfast, sandwiches and cake as well. I haven’t tried anything else except the scones. There were large chunks of melting cheese in this scone. It was delicious.

They have a very large tea menu. I like to get something different each time. I got a flowering Osmathus tea. It was very good. I prefer my flowering tea in a pot rather than in a glass. You could really taste the flowers. It wasn’t too strong.
The other great thing about Richmond is Kooks Unlimited. They carry a lot of different supplies and now they have a separate store a few doors down purely dedicated to baking and decorating stuff!

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