Real Food Festival 2010

This is the 3rd year the Real Food Festival has come to town and I have been lucky enough to have gone every year!
The Real Food Festival in simplified terms is a giant farmers market. It celebrates the little guy! Small producers, small businesses and farmers from the UK. The best part I think are that each stand offers a small taste of what they’re selling.

I’ll start with my favorite stand of the day. Paul Wayne Gregory

They’re were so many chocolate stands at the festival but this one really stood out to me. They had the best flavors and this man in the picture was nice enough to give me a sample of one of their chocolate lollies after I asked if I could take pictures for the blog!

Carmel and sea salt lolly with popping candy coated in 70% dark chocolate. It was amazing and he advised me to eat it slowly to enjoy the popping of the candy.

also had some interesting chocolate.

I wish I’d taken more photos but I got distracted by all the food!

I thought the penguin mug was super cute!

Someone looks a little tired

I spotted these at one of the stands. They sell these for $3.99 in the US and Holly Cupcakes wanted £6 for one tube!

The Nice Green Van selling some yummy ice cream!

A cooking demonstration

There was even a tea garden to sit and relax. After eating all those samples I could have used a rest.

I saw these cupcakes and thought they were pretty. There were a few cupcakes around but I didn’t see anything spectacular. The chocolates, olive oils, breads were spectacular.
It was a great day and I tasted so many things I couldn’t possibly describe them all. In the end I came home with a bottle of basil infused olive oil, kangaroo burgers and some white tea.

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