Peggy Porschen Parlour Review

Peggy Porschen

Autumn 2010 saw the opening of The Peggy Porschen Parlour. London’s first classy (in my opinion) and delicious bakery in the posh SW1 area. I was pretty excited when I heard that a new bakery opened. I was left feeling disappointed when Cox, Cookies and Cake opened in September 2010.

Peggy Porschen

You can really tell that Peggy cares about her cakes. The shop was gorgeous and each cake in the case was impossibly perfect! I wouldn’t have expected anything less from a German baker. They take their cake pretty seriously!

Peggy Porschen
I love the shop because it has so many cute little touches and has a nice range of things for sale on one wall. The cake stands are to die for (I really really want the little one they were using as table decorations)! I really love the range of tea that Peggy has. I am a great tea lover and was pleased to see that the caramel tea I had was also for sale.
The shop is very welcoming and we were lucky when we arrived the few tables inside were free! The staff were extremely nice and attentive (but not overly so). This place has rocketed to one of my favorites because as we were sitting they came around to our table and passed out small samples of cake!
The only thing that wasn’t the best at Peggy’s was the coffee. My friend got a latte. It was in the smallest cup I’ve ever seen! It was unfortunately also nearly all foam and at £2.55 was a bit expensive (considering the size of the cup). The tea however is worth every penny (I think Peggy makes the blends herself).
Peggy Porschen
The winner of the day was the white chocolate and passion fruit cake. All the cakes we had were beautifully moist but this flavor combination was to die for.
Peggy Porschen
The Banoffi cupcake was a vanilla cupcake filled with caramel and topped with banana cream cheese frosting. The frosting was nice and tangy and definitely one for cream cheese lovers. If you’re not a fan try the chocolate or cake slices.
Peggy Porschen
The chocolate cupcake was lovely. The chocolate cake was one of the best I’ve had for ages.
Peggy Porschen
If the passion fruit cake was the winner than the Black Forest Cupcake was the runner up! It was the same base as the chocolate cupcake but with whole pieces of cherry and topped with what I think was cream cheese icing. It was lovely but not sure this was the best frosting to pair with a Black Forest.
Peggy Porschen
Peggy’s also offer an afternoon tea for a reasonable £15 I think. I can’t wait till my next visit and look forward to hopefully finding some different flavors brought into the rotation. I think that next time I would get a slice of cake, I was really impressed with this the most.

Each cupcake was £3.50 and cake slices £4.50. Tea is £2.20 for a pot for one.


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  1. laurilla fondant

    I would like to go to London and make a visit to that shop. Maybe in my next trip. Anyway I will write the address.
    Thanks a lot for yor review. Kisses!!!

  2. Heavenly Housewife

    What a darling little place! I hope to visit it on my next trip to London.
    *kisses from another American in the UK*

  3. Kerry Edwards

    This place looks great and glad to hear the cakes are lovely and moist, BUT I'm not sure I would pay £3.50 for a cupcake! And certainly not £4.50 for a whole cake when it won't have cost them that much to make the whole cake from scratch. Something like £2 for a cupcake and £2.50/£3 for a slice of cake is the most I would ever pay but then I do live in much cheaper Nottingham where I pay max £2 for an amazing cupcake! (fashion cafe in nottingham has some great ones but I also love Waitrose cherry and geranium cupcakes which are a £1 and absolutely lovely)

  4. Kerry Edwards

    You may have guessed that I should have said £4.50 for a *piece of cake* !

  5. Cupcake Kelly

    These I would say are the perils of living in London (higher overheads, staff wages, people with higher disposable incomes etc.)!

    To be fair the piece of cake is LARGE! The going rate around London nowadays seems to be £2.50-£3.50 for cupcakes (and £2 for ones in markets).

    I like to think of it this way. When you go to Starbucks how much is a pastry? At least £2-3 and to get something fresh and handmade is worth the little extra as a special treat.

    For less expensive but equally delicious cake Chelsea Tea Pot and Bake a Boo are both more reasonably priced (but are not in such prominent areas).

    Check out my London Cupcake Tourist Map for all of them.

  6. Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    That's good to know that somewhere high profile is living up to expectations, I hope that I enjoy my visit there next week. I would point out to Kerry above that not only is this place in London but it's in BELGRAVIA which is the most expensive part of London…

  7. Bob and Julie =)

    now we've got our desserts-hunting for our london trip all mapped out, thanks to your super fab blog! whatever it is, peggy porschen parlour is definitely on the list!


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