Outsider Tart Review

I travelled an hour across London on three different tube lines and various engineering works (Jubilee, Piccadilly and District line in case you were wondering) to get to Outsider Tart. I feel that I pretty much spend an hour on the tube anyway no matter where I’m trying to get to in London but at the end of this long journey I was greeted with warm smiles and most importantly brownies, lots of brownies!

I’m so disappointed in myself. I can not believe that I have waited this long to visit this place! When I was a student I used to live in Richmond and in Hammersmith. I so wish this place had been open back then, it’s nearly in the middle of both places.

It’s very narrow inside and most of the shop is taken up with a giant counter running down the middle (and shelves with American goodies to buy). Stools on one side for people to sit and employees on the other side making coffee etc. I loved this place because it was basically a brownie bar. There were about 10 giant trays of brownies running down the middle.

We were lucky that when we went in there were some free seats AND David was there! Not sure if it was David or OD (Other David)…It was the David that has hair. He is such a funny guy. He was laughing and talking to everyone, showing which brownie was which and if the one you wanted wasn’t on the counter he someone managed to magically make one appear from somewhere else. I can only imagine how fun the classes they offer would be.
Outsider Tart also sell homemade dog biscuits. Someone bought some while we were there and David handed them out for us all to taste a piece! I’ve never had a dog biscuit before but it wasn’t too bad at all.
He was also helping one guy sitting at the end of the bar with his homework, well trying to help!

My friend went with David’s suggestion of chocolate cherry cheesecake brownie. It was so incredibly rich and had a lovely hint of cherry. My friend couldn’t eat it all in one sitting and was offered a doggie bag to take the rest home.

I on the other hand had no problem finishing. I managed to eat two (I couldn’t go all that way and just try one)! The smores brownie was one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth (get your head out of the gutter now). Graham cracker crumbs mixed in the brownie batter and chocolate chips topped with melted marshmallow goo. There are no words to describe how delicious it was. He almost forgot to add it to my bill I ate it so fast.

I also had an Oatmeal Whoopie Pie. This was an enormous whoopie pie. Two soft cakey oatmeal cookies filled with frosting. Not sure if it was cream cheese or not.
I loved Outsider Tart and my only complaint is that it’s not closer to where I live! Each dessert item was around the £3 mark and the coffee was excellent (I had a double shot latte).

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