Nitro Ice Cream at Chin Chin Labs, London

Chin Chin Labs
It’s was blisteringly hot in London over Easter and with all the bank holidays I finally got around to all the places on my “to eat” list!

Chin Chin Labs
They have swings outside!
I’m pretty persuaded by twitter as well for snack suggestions. I found Chin Chin Labs about 6 months ago. I don’t really live near Camden but for liquid nitrogen ice cream I’ll make the trip!

Chin Chin Labs

The base for the ice cream is made (vanilla or chocolate) and then the liquid nitrogen is poured on to instantly freeze it and make it ice cream!

Chin Chin Labs

The toppings on offer are really fun and change each week. The day I went was caramelized pretzels, grilled white chocolate, heather honeycomb or popping candy. I went for vanilla ice cream with pretzels and honeycomb.

Video of how the ice cream is made. I loved it, but the toppings were just placed on top. I would have preferred to have my pretzels folded into the ice cream.

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  1. katescakesandbakes

    Ohh- we often going cycling along Regent's Canal near to Camden- Chin Chin labs sounds a definate incentive, especially on a blistering hot (one can hope!) London summer's day!

  2. mcwisecracker

    I would so like to try this! Not planning a trip to London anytime soon. :(

  3. Linda

    Yum! We need that here in the states. We have Dippin' Dots, which is flash frozen like that, but it comes in tiny little balls of ice cream. (It's good, too, though!) It's homemade ice cream weather here in Texas now. Hmmm……I may have to get busy!

  4. little random happiness

    Wow! I definitely want to try that when I visit London again :)

  5. Laura

    my housemate use to work above this place and her boss use to by ice-cream for her every other day… but I am yet to go! I will add it to my list!

  6. Made With Pink

    What a coincidence! I just went here on the weekend! Such a cool concept, but the poor guy (I'm assuming owner?) who makes the ice cream has to explain what he's doing to every single customer. On the plus side though, he does look like he enjoys it, and it's a nice personal touch while you wait for it to be made.

  7. Cupcake Kelly

    I went at easter and saved the post for when I was going to be away :-p

    It was so nice out I like sitting on the swing and eating my ice cream.

  8. Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    Looks very sciencey! Not sure my son would appreciate it any more than a Mr Whippy though!!

  9. Sundae Best

    oooo you found this too! love your blog, you're like the reverse of me : )