New Hampshire Brewery Tour


I made my second trip to New England in May to visit my sister. I’ve been once before so on this trip we went and visited some different things. The weather could not make up it’s mind while I was there. It was warm, cold, snowing and blazing hot all in the space of one week!

There were a few days that it rained and we had to come up with a few indoor activities. It was hard because especially in New Hampshire a lot of fun things are outdoors. We decided to do a mini New Hampshire brewery tour. Before I left I came across a whole variety of food maps, live free and savor, from the New Hampshire tourism board.

We ended up visiting three breweries. A micro meadery, a craft brewery of medium size and a giant American brewing icon. We didn’t visit them all in the same day. It would have been a little too much drinking for one day!

We hit up The Moonlight Meadery first. I’ve heard of mead before, it’s what they drank in the middle ages. Mead is a fermented beverage like wine but made with water and honey instead of grapes. The Moonlight Meadery is a small scale operation open in 2010. The Moonlight Meadery make a range of amazing flavors with romantic naMeadmes like Blissful, Smitten, Indulge. My favorite was the Apple Pie mead. A tour and tasting was $15.

red hook

Red Hook brewery in Portsmouth, NH was up next. Red Hook is actually from Seattle and was one of America’s first “craft” beer makers. It’s grown over the last 30 years and purchased the brewery in NH during it’s expansion. During the tour we learned about the different types of beer which include IPA, lagers and ale. We also had some tastings. My favorite was the Longboard and the Wisecracker. The tour and tasting were $1.00!


Last is the Anheuser Busch brewery in Merrimack, NH. This factory has 2 miles of conveyor belts and is actually the smallest factory they have in the US. We visited the famous Budweiser Clydesdales but sadly their other mascot Bud the dog wasn’t wandering around while we were there. The factory is huge and the day we went they were making Bud Light. The bottling room is the most fascinating. The bottle wizz around the factory at incredible speeds. The tour and tasting was FREE. I hardly ever drink beer but I found myself partial to the Bud Light Lime.

For comparison The Moonlight Meadery bottle at a rate of about 400 an hour, Red Hook bottle 400 a minute and Anheuser Busch bottle beer at 800 bottles a minute. The difference in scale was fascinating and we enjoyed each brewery and tasting.

If you’re interested in brewing there is a plethora of breweries and wineries all over New England. Next time I definitely want to visit a winery that makes fruit wines. Don’t forget your ID!

This was my own personal vacation

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