New England Vacation


I had a wonderful vacation with my sister a few weeks ago and I wanted to share all the amazing and fun places that we went. This trip we went around Boston, New Hampshire and Maine. I didn’t do much shopping at all this this time, we spent most of time eating and exploring. I’ve only just come back but I can’t wait till our next trip to visit the rest of New England. Make sure to read my other post from this trip about New Hampshire Breweries and my posts from a previous vacation about Boston, Portland, Vermont and New Hampshire.

We didn’t waste anytime this trip. As soon as I landed in Boston it was only just after lunchtime and we went straight to Belle Isle for the biggest lobster rolls in town and a bowl of chowdah of course! Since we were nearby we stopped off at Georgetown Cupcake for some cupcakes to go. Kayla and I both liked the milk chocolate birthday cake cupcake the best. I’m not a huge fan of their TV show but the few times that I’ve gone for Cupcakes (in DC and Boston) the cupcakes have always been good and they were particularly nice at the Boston shop. I found those watermelon measuring cups at TJ Maxx for $8. They are just too adorable.


One night we went for dinner at The Common Man. I went the last time I visited but we had an even better meal this time. I couldn’t resist the Lobster Mac & Cheese and ordered it again this time. We had Crab Dumplings, which were lobster versions of Crab Rangoon. One of my favorite dishes of the whole trip were the Blue Cheese Chips. Amazing homemade potato chips with blue cheese melted on top. I’m not a huge cheese lover but this was the best dish I’ve had in a long time. We also checked out a few places on the Concord Main Street and we liked the Crust & Crumb Bakery. They had excellent fresh loaves of bread and slices of cake.


No trip to New Hampshire is complete without a stop at the Red Arrow. I had a deep fried burger and a slice of brownie cream pie. A new frozen yogurt shop opened in Concord. Dips makes their yogurt using local ingredients. I loved the machines. Each machine has 2 flavors and an extra leaver in the middle to swirl the two together. I tried a red velvet and cheesecake on our visit.


We spent a whole day in Boston and started off with breakfast at Flour. Their breakfast sandwiches and sticky buns are absolutely to die for. It was a beautiful day and we strolled around the south end and stopped of at South End Buttery for a glass of iced tea and a soft and chewy peanut butter cookie. I insisted we go to Figs for dinner. Kayla raves about it to me all the time and I was dying to go. The pizzas are huge so one is big enough to share. We order half asparagus and half with onion jam. We may have stopped off at Georgetown for more cupcakes…we also stopped at Sweet. I wasn’t super impressed with Sweet. They weren’t nice when we went into the shop either. They also cost about .50 cents more than the cupcakes at Georgetown.


Kayla took me to Mr. Mac’s in New Hampshire for lunch one day. I loved the concept. They only serve different variations of Mac and Cheese. I ordered the chicken bacon and ranch mac and cheese and Kayla had a taco one. I enjoyed it. It’s nice to see something different.

duck fat

We drove a few hours to Portland, Maine. It’s a city worth a visit. It was 90 degrees the day we went and not a lot of places had AC but the lunch we had at Duck Fat made it all worth it. It’s a tiny little cafe that serves the most amazing panini’s and fries (fried in duck fat) with different dips. We had a meatloaf panini, a duck confit panini and fries with a lemon mayo dip. On our way to see a real working Maine Lighthouse we stopped at one of Maine’s best bakeries, The Standard Baking Co.

Can’t wait for our next adventure!

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