M&S Whoopie Pie Review

I had to go to 2 M&S’s today to find the Whoopie Pies. The smaller M&S Food I went to in St. Pauls didn’t have any but the large one by Finsbury Square did. They had 3 different kinds. Vanilla & Chocolate, Chocolate & Vanilla and Toffee. I couldn’t decide so I got Chocolate & Vanilla and Vanilla & Chocolate. They looked the most appealing. The toffee ones were an ugly brown color. I will try them another time though.

Each package has 4 mini’s. I bought them during lunch time and shared with my desk mates. It’s 200 calories per pie so don’t be fooled by the mini size! I easily ate one of each flavour! I don’t think I could eat more than 2 in one sitting they’re fairly sweet.

While I was there I also noticed that the cupcakes now came in a 2 pack and they had one or two different flavours than they did last summer. What I don’t like about M&S is that they don’t have any food details on their website so you never know when there’s a new flavour out.

The Chocolate & Vanilla is chocolate cake with white chocolate chips sandwiched with a vanilla frosting. I thought that the cake was really moist and I like the texture that the chips added. The frosting was also very good.
The Vanilla & Chocolate was the reverse vanilla cake with chocolate chips sandwiched with chocolate frosting. The cake was also very moist and the chocolate frosting was very rich.
I wasn’t expecting much when I bought these especially for the price of £1.99 (I also don’t usually have high expectations for mass produced baked goods). Nothing beats a fresh homemade Whoopie Pie but I was pleasantly surprised with these. At work often people bring in M&S cakes for birthdays and I think the Whoopie Pies would be a better choice than the Colin the Caterpillar stuff. They’re not filled with the traditional marshmallow type filling but the frosting was very good and I never say no to frosting! With Whoopie Pies raising in popularity frosting filling is becoming more common.
Overall, I think the M&S Whoopie Pies are good value for money! On the occasion that I didn’t feel like baking I would definitely buy these. I like that they’re simple two pieces of cake with a filling in the middle no glaze or decorations on top.
Price: £1.99 for 4 mini pies
Rating 9/10
As a side note now that I’ve eaten quite a few Whoopie Pies: Comparatively, the cake part is 100 times better than the ones at Harrods and it was a while ago but these are also probably better than the ones at Selfridge’s. So far the best filling has to be at Harrods (of the lime one I had). It was really flavourful and so light. It’s a shame that the cake part was so hard and dry.

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