Ms Cupcake Vegan Bakery Opens in London

Ms. Cupcake opened April 1st in Brixton. She’s London’s first all vegan bakery. I’ve been to see her many times in Brick Lane but this was my first ever trip to Brixton! I met Ms. Cupcake at Iron Cupcake almost one year ago.
The shop is very spacious and as you can see the cupcakes are made right there! Not too many shops make their cupcakes on the premises.

Her right hand man Jason was in the shop when I arrived. There he is hard at work making more cupcakes. Anne and I both arrived at the same time and had a coffee outside at Rosie’s. I love getting together with my blogging friends for a little cake gossip! My husband and co-workers can only take some much cake talk.

The shop has huge windows all at the front and it was incredibly bright hence all the glare on the cupcake cases. I bought a key lime cupcake to take home with me. The frosting was great and had a really nice lime flavor.

They also have a few vegan books and cupcake paraphernalia for sale.
Anne and I were both tempted down to the bakery by these babies. Vegan donuts! I have never had a vegan donut before and they taste no different than a regular donut. If there is a baked good that London is missing it’s donuts. I have made a few of my own donuts.
Jason prepared us a whole plate of goodies to try! I enjoyed the Boston Cream donut the most but the custard was a bit absorbed into the donut. I think that the cookie sandwiches are my new favorite. I really liked the vanilla one and I could eat 10 of them!
I’ll definitely be back!

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