Macarons, Whoopie Pies & More


I go to Selfridge’s Food Hall fairly often to drool over everything. On the occasion I actually buy something I usually get a Lola’s cupcake. Recently, the food hall has been changed around (for the better I think). Where the baked goods used to be together in one case it is now 2 separate areas. One area is a Lola’s cupcake bar with a few small tables. It looks very cute.

I didn’t see this until I looked at the picture but it looks like they have special GU cupcake at the moment. I might have to go back and try that one! They’ve just opened another location in Mayfair too.

The other area is a Pierre Herme counter which is 2/3 macarons and 1/3 fancy chocolates. I made this trip for the macarons. I ran out on my lunch break and was able to make it there and back in 45 minutes. I didn’t plan on going so I didn’t have my camera and I had to take pictures with my blackberry.
This guy was inconveniently blocking the sight of the macaroon case and I didn’t have much time.
There were about 10 different flavors and before I got there I said to myself that I would only get three. It was a hard decision, they all looked so pretty. It was £5.10 for 3 macarons (£1.70 each). They’re not cheap but for a special treat they’re worth it. I went with chocolate and fruity combinations but some of the stranger ones looked really interesting. Strawberry & Wasabi, Vanilla & Olive Oil to name a few.
I would reccomend buying 2. They’re very rich and eating 3 was almost too much (almost!).
Milk Chocolate & Passion Fruit: I thought that this was an interesting flavor combination. I love passion fruit.
The chocolate passion fruit was my favorite. The passion fruit flavor in the cookie part was amazing and the macarons taste so light
Pistachio, Griottines & Cinnamon: A griottine is a small cherry. This one aesthetically is my favourite. It has a purple gold dust on top.
The cinnamon is really strong in this one and the griottine was in the middle!
Apricot, Pistachio & Pistachio Praline
I ate this one and forgot to take another picture! The peach flavor was so delicate. I really enjoyed this one
Since I was over there I decided to try one of Selfridge’s Whoopie Pies. They had 3 flavors Chocolate & Vanilla, Banoffee and Carrot. I chose carrot. Out of all the ones I’ve taste tested so far these looked quite plain and not very big compared to the Harrod’s pie that looked incredible and the Hummingbird pie that was very large. The cake part tasted very good. I could taste the spices and it wasn’t too dry or dense. It had a vanilla filling which also tasted very good. It wasn’t too sweet which isn’t a bad thing. I would say that I don’t think the Carrot Cake and Vanilla filling are the best combination. I expected a cream cheese frosting. Regardless, for the price it was good and hit the spot for an afternoon snack. I will go back to try their chocolate and vanilla.
Rating: 6.5/10
Price: £1.99 for a Regular and £1.25 for a mini

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