Lunch in The City: May 3-7 2010

This was a short week with the bank holiday being on Monday but I still managed to get of the office twice this week for a short break. It was a very busy week so I didn’t have time to venture too far.

On Tuesday I went to Tea in St. Paul’s church yard. I love tea and they have a great selection. They also have lunch, snacks and tea paraphernalia for sale. I was also quite pleased that they had a selection of fresh iced teas for summertime!

They have a good selection of salad, sandwiches and some cake

They had lemon, jasmine and rose iced tea
I went for a Lemon Iced Tea £1.95 and a chicken and avocado sandwich
I have to say I was very impressed with the iced tea. It tasted so fresh and was nice and chilled. The sandwich was pricey at £3.95 but the mayo tasted home made. Whenever I fancy a tea in the morning instead of a latte I come here. They also have loyalty cards.
The Store is located at 20 Threadneedle Street
On Thursday I brought in my lunch but it was so sunny in the afternoon that at about 3pm I walked to The Royal Exchange next to the Bank of England and got a chocolate snack at Paul A. Young. It is a super tiny shop. Two people and the salesperson can fit in there and that’s it. They have a many different products. Chocolate bars, hot chocolate mix, truffles, chocolate on sticks.

Since it was nice out I decided to get a fresh and chilled chocolate sorbet! Chocolate and Clementine with cocoa nibs on top. It was £3.95 but very decedent. They also had 70% chocolate flavor and Chocolate and Sea Salt flavor. It didn’t taste icy like a sorbet. It was more like a cross between mousse and pudding. This gets 2 thumbs up. It’s a good thing it’s expensive otherwise I’d be back way too often!

I bought a super chocolate brownie for my partner to take home for £3.50! Very expensive but it’s so rich that it could be cut in half and eaten as 2 desserts.
The sign on the case suggested that they would be getting ice cream soon

Total damage for Tuesday and Thursday: £12.90

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