Lunch in The City: May 10-14 2010

I would like to say that I was too busy this week for lunch and I didn’t have time to venture far but I was just being lazy. Wednesday I went to my my #1 lunch place, Hummus Bros.

Hummus Bros is on a main street but they only have a few locations around London. Everyone that works there is really nice. The Cheapside location opened in December and 5 months later I think The City has turned hummus crazy!

There are a few tables to eat in and it’s hard to see from this picture but at the back is a long counter where they dish up the hummus in the middle and then the dish slides down to either side where the topping is put on.

They have a lot of different toppings, chicken, beef, mushroom and guacamole. I always get the guacamole topping. I never get tired of it. I sometimes go twice a week. Before the Cheapside branch opened I would rush to Holborn on the tube to get my fix! The regular size guacamole is £4.30.

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On Thursday I thought I should stop being so lazy and I went to Piada. It’s in St. Adam’s Court just off of Threadneedle Street.
I went at 12.15 and there was already a queue out the door. The traders in their expensive suits were giving me strange looks for taking pictures of the window!
Everyone working inside was Italian. It was pretty small inside but there were a few stools to eat in. It’s all new and cool looking inside. I liked that they had the menu by the door where everyone was queuing to get in. Not by the counter. Since it was my first time I could decide while I was in line.
I was trying to get a picture of the guy making the piadine’s but there were far too many people. They grill them behind the counter
They serve spaghetti for £7.00 for a bowl but I think that’s pretty steep. I went to Piada to try their wrap sandwiches a “Piadine“. I’m not sure it’s authentic Italian but it was interesting! The wrap part is a crepe and it’s filled with different savory things. I chose the 0. It was filled wit Salame Milanese, stracchino cheese & rocket.

Ignore how messy my desk is. The Piadine was very filling and they also had a cold case with drinks and I couldn’t resist getting a Jones soda. It was Berry Lemonade. The Piadine was £4.70 and the Jones soda £2.00. I definitely think I will go back to try another Piadine.

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The total damage for my two excursions this week was £11.00

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  1. Lauren

    mm yep that Piadine definitely looks like my kinda lunch! :) what other filling combos do they have?? (if you can remember any!)

  2. Cupcake Kelly

    the full menu including specials is on their web site. There's a link just above the first piada picture and also a link in the bubble of the map.