Lunch in The City: June 28 – July 2

This weeks lunch isn’t as exciting as I’d hoped. I pass by Mana every time I walked from work to London Bridge if the DLR is broken and the sign is really pretty. It had a pretty strange combination of food on offer. They had sandwiches and ready made salads that were Pret knockoffs and sushi boxes that were identical to Itsu. That was all in their cold cabinet.

On their menu they had some hot things like teriyaki chicken but most people were ordering a salad from their make your own salad bar. I thought it looked lame at first but I read the menu and for £5.00 you got a salad with a lot of options. For bases they had pasta, lettuce, spinach and glass noodles. They also let you do half and half.
that guy’s hairy arm got in the way of my picture

For the £5.00 you got a base, a protein, a cheese (or egg), 3 vegetables and dressing. They had  pretty extensive list of dressings.

Since it was my first visit it was hard to decide so quickly. Not sure I picked the best things that go together but each ingredient was fresh and tasty. I got half lettuce and half glass noodles, egg, beans, broccoli, cucumber and an apple dressing.
It was nice after he filled up your bowl he went to the back, sliced my egg and tossed my salad in the dressing so it was all nicely coated and mixed. I really liked the dressing. It might have been vinegar based.
This one I went to was on Lombard Street next to the Bank of England. It’s not on their website either. It was a small place. I guess their other locations are bigger. Not the most exciting lunch but since it’s been so hot it was good for a change.
Total price for Thursday: £5.00

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