Lunch in the City: June 14-18

It was a really nice day today and I had the intention of walking to Luardos, a burrito truck. When I got there realized there was a whole market of food! Every Thursday and Friday all year round there are specialty food stalls at Whitecross Street.

I went at 12.30 and the burrito van was swarmed with people. I couldn’t even get a picture of it. I decided to get some paella instead. I can always go back another week. It was paella with chicken and chorizo. It had a nice lemon flavor as well. It was £5.50 for a fairly big tub.

There was a good selection of food vendors in the market. There was bratwurst, Thai, falafel, vegetarian and Italian.

Chorizo and potatoes

I bought this “Malteser Cake” for £1.00! It was very good. The guy I bought it from was really nice and he lives locally and makes his cakes in his kitchen. The cake was really nice dark chocolate that coated corn flakes, rice krispies and maltesers. This isn’t the kind of cake I usually go for but I can see why it’s his best seller.
I’m not going out for lunch tomorrow. This was so rich I think I’ll have a salad on Friday!
Total price for Thursday £6.50

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