Lunch in the City

I’ve decided to start a new “feature” on American Cupcake. The one advantage of working in the City is there are a lot of small back roads that are home to independent sandwich bars, cafes and stores. It’s refreshing to try somewhere new. I get depressed when I see so many Pret’s on the high street (and I hate brown bread!).

This week it was a nice (ie not raining) so I took my Tuesday lunch break to wander around Fleet Street. On the way there (just past Paternoster Square) I passed a new candy store. Mr. Simms Old Fashioned Candy. I did some internet research and there are few of these stores around England (but it’s still not a Pret!).

This is not a very good photo but there a lot of people walking on the sidewalk
The store was small but there were lots of jars of sweets to choose from as well as bags of fudge and chocolate bars. I got a Peanut Butter Crunch Bar. It’s a little pricey, £2.99 for one bar but it was fairly big and I enjoyed it. I think it’s dangerous having a candy store so close to my office.
For Friday lunch break I went a little further down Fleet Street to Manon Cafe. It’s pretty much dedicated to Coffee and Chocolate! There are a few of them around the City and this is the first time I’ve gone in. The prices were comparable to any Starbucks.

I had a latte this morning (from Starbucks) so I decided on a Praline Fusion Hot Chocolate
Each hot chocolate also comes with a free Leonidas piece of chocolate! Starbucks don’t offer that. I was trying to secretly take pictures at my desk without anything thinking I was crazy.
My last purchase of the week was an “UP Box” at Cafe Fraiche. I chose an Urban Picnic Box. It was £6.00! It was more than I would usually spend on lunch (and it was a cold dish) but for a treat once and awhile it could be justified.

It came in a nice sturdy box
Honey & tamari free range chicken with cashew nuts; medley of Spring vegetables; roast tomatoes
It also came with a tiny piece of cake. It’s under the fork. The chicken was heaven. I could really taste the honey glaze and the nuts went well together with the vegetables. I thought there were too many potatoes compared to vegetables and chicken. Overall, I think this is something that I would get when I know I won’t make it home in time for dinner. To eat this and a main meal later in the evening would be too much. The menu does rotates each week.
Damage this week (Tuesday & Friday only): £11.19
If you know if any hidden gems feel free to share.

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