London Food Bloggers Meet Up at Bob Bob Ricard

I went to my very first London Food Bloggers meet up last night hosted by Niamh at Bob Bob Ricard. I had a great time. I met some new people and ate some interesting food.

I loved the inside of Bob Bob! It was a bit posh and everything was pink. Each booth also had a champagne button.

We had a special menu for the evening

To start with a signature Bob Bob Rhubarb G&T. I really liked this. I’ve never had a G&T before or any rhubarb.

Before the pre-starter we were severed this Vodka Imperia shot by Russian Standard served at -18 C. This is supposed to clear your palette.

The pre-starter was Jellied Ox Tongue with Creamed Horseradish. I thought this looked really unappetizing. I’m not really into pretentious food, It tasted fine though. I’m not a huge fan of horseradish and it’s the first time I’d had Ox Tongue. It tasted like chewy meat.

The starter, a Russian Salad with Black Truffles, was served with another vodka shot. I liked the salad but it had more Ox Tongue in it and there was a lot of mayonnaise.

The salad was served with these toasty crackers which were good.

The main course was Veal Holstein with a Quails Egg, Anchovies, Truffled Mashed Potatoes and Secret Sauce. I really enjoyed this course.
Bob Bob is supposed to be British food from what I read and while this is one of my favorite courses it didn’t seem to fit with the Russian themed starters? I’ll leave the analysis to the Restaurant and Food Bloggers (UPDATE: Read Hungry in London review of Bob Bob)!

The dessert was my favorite part of the entire meal. It’s Chocolate Glory. Chocolate Jiavara Mousse and Chocolate Brownie with Passion fruit Orange Jelly and Meringue served with fresh Raspberries and hot Chocolate Sauce.
I think the gold ball is really impressive. How to get to the good stuff in the middle though! Oh wait, how about molten hot chocolate sauce to melt the top?


You can’t see because of all the chocolate sauce but it’s completely filled with mousse and jelly cubes. It was so good and so rich.
I had a good time at Bob Bob and met some interesting people. I shared a booth with Ute who has a restaurant blog Hungry in London and Emyr who owns his on Concierge business Bon Vivant, which I think is really neat!
I will definitely be back for the next one and maybe I’ll be a little more brave and speak to more people! I feel like I got the chance to sample the best Bob Bob has to offer at an excellent price!

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