Johnny Cupcakes Store Opens in London

The new Johnny Cupcakes store finally opened in London on March 12th. The opening saw people from all over the world line up starting from the previous night. This is his first international location. Being the good guy that he is the store stayed open until midnight so everyone got a chance to go inside. Read more about it here.
I did not go to opening day. I didn’t think I could face the crowds (must be me getting old). I did go Monday night after work and there were only a few other people in the store. I hope that he puts on some London special events in the future!

I was excited to see what shirts were on offer.

The store is pretty small (but what Independent store in London isn’t).

The store has personality with quirky things like this.

I was stuck deciding between these two and ended up going with the white one (I’m wearing mine to Cupcake Camp Bournemouth). Be warned each shirt is £40 and sweatshirts £70 (expensive but a nice occasional gift to make to yourself!). All the staff were super friendly and Johnny himself helped me decide between these two! The store manager Kellen has relocated from the US. This is her first time abroad so be extra nice when you go in!

The shirts they have are behind the cases and they have all the sizes in the back. There are a lot of shirts in stock. Nothing to worry about if couldn’t make it on opening day.

As soon as I left the store my sister emailed me that she wanted a shirt too. I took pictures of the shirts since I couldn’t decide. Big mistake that was going to cost me another £40! I turned around to go back and they were closed (it was just after 7pm). Next time Kayla!

Nice bakery box to take your purchase home with you. I stopped at Waitrose after and the cashier wanted to ring it up!
10 Fouberts Place

Not related but since I was already in the area I went to Lola’s to try their specials. I got a Peppermint Hot Chocolate and a Baileys. Peppermint Hot Chocolate was ok. I didn’t think it was that minty. Baileys frosting tasted nice though!

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