Iron Cupcake: Year One

Since it’s been one year of Iron Cupcake I thought I would look back across all of my 11 entries. I already know that my cupcake skills have improved drastically.

This was my first entry: Strawberry and White Chocolate. I came in third. I didn’t have a carrier so I had to ice them when I got to the Barrowboy. The theme was chocolate. They were good and massive!

My second entry was Lemonade and Blue Raspberry. I couldn’t find my picture. This photo was taken by Dave Shipman. The theme was summer fruits. This is probably my least favorite entry. The icing was too runny.

My third entry were caramel apple cupcakes. They were really good I think keeping the M&M’s whole would have looked better though. It was a cinnamoney cake filled with cream and topped with candy and caramel. The theme was desserts.

My fourth entry was Boston Cream Pie cupcake. They were very good. I made my own custard to put in the middle and topped off with a chocolate ganache. The theme was cupcakes of the world.

The fifth entry was Orange Creamsicle. Orange and vanilla marbled cake topped with Orange Cointreau frosting. The theme was liquor.

The sixth one I did was Snickerdoodle Surprise. I loved the cookie on top! The theme was spice.

My seventh entry was Devil’s Food with cranberry cream filling and peppermint frosting. The theme was Christmas. They’re supposed to look like little Christmas trees

Eight was red velvet for Love. This photo was also taken by Dave Shipman. This cake was divine and moist. I really loved the decorations that I used.

Entry number nine was one of my favorites. Chocolate Peanut Butter Hi Hats! The theme was the perfect pair.

Ten was my lucky number! I won with my Watermelon Cupcakes. The theme was fruit. I think this is my most creative flavor I’ve come up with. I like the bud of frosting in the middle rather than the traditional swirl.
Last but not least are number eleven the popcorn cupcakes. The theme was celebration. These are my most creative I think.
I think the photos show a clear improvement especially when you compare number 2 and number 9. What a difference. Every time I make a batch I get better. That’s why I think baking is so fun.
I look forward to another year of baking and eating! Thanks to Samantha for organizing an amazing 11 times!

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