Duck & Waffle Dosant

Duck & Waffle Doissant

The Cronut made by now famous NY pastry chef Dominique Amsel has become a worldwide phenomenon. It sounds so delectable. The rich buttery flakiness of croissant combined with the deep fried sweetness of a donut, what’s not to love? Since I live in London I doubted I’d be able to get my hands on one but I’ve been keeping my eyes open for recipes online.

Duck & Waffle Doissant

When I saw on Twitter that Duck & Waffle chef Dan Doherty was coming up with his own unique spin on a croissant donut hybrid I immediately asked him when I could come and try one. He graciously said I could come down on Sunday and try one of his “Dosants”  before they were due to go on sale at 11am. Ecstatic, I also made a reservation for brunch at 9am.

Duck & Waffle Doissant

Duck & Waffle is located on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower in the City. I’ve been dying to go anyway and take in the view. I was not disappointed. It was the most beautiful day in London and the view was absolutely breathtaking. The restaurant is very chic. It’s so bright we had to keep our sunglasses on during breakfast! My advice to anyone visiting London is to skip the queue and expense of the London Eye and go to Duck & Waffle instead! The view is better and it comes with food (the ride up in the super fast glass elevator is pretty fun too).

Duck & Waffle Doissant

I ordered the Duck & Waffle which was such a fun dish. The best buttermilk waffle topped with a confit duck leg and duck egg. Perfect sweet and salty combination. When it was time for the Dosant Dan brought it out personally and explained everything. A flakey buttery croissant deep fried like a donut, cut in half filled with a lightened pastry cream, topped with cocoa nibs and dusted with sugar.

It tasted better than I ever imagined. Light, crisp, buttery and I loved the crunch from the cocoa nibs. I like how it was sliced down the middle with the cream inside. The Dosant is available  at Duck & Waffle at the bar from 11am but I would recommend making a reservation and staying for brunch!

Huge thanks to Dan for making me a Dosant :)

We paid for our breakfast at Duck & Waffle and the Dosant was on the house

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  1. I think I need to visit…now!

  2. I was there as well this morning, I think we met in the elevator 😉 did a little write up on the ‘dosant’ or ‘doissant’ as well

  3. Jealous! I love The Duck and Waffle! Amazing food!


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