Cupcakes Take The Cake Visit London

Rachel from Cupcakes Take The Cake was in London this weekend! How exciting is that? I promised to take her to taste some London cupcakes and we saw a few sights along the way!

We met up and hit Central London and Soho on Saturday. First stop was Cabbages & Frocks Market where we had a sampling of gluten free cupcakes and donuts from Sweet Cheeks.

The lemon and raspberry cupcake was amazing. I never would have guessed it was gluten free (I had my own foray into gluten free baking this weekend. More on that in a few days). I was also surprised with the donut. It was lovely! The sample of peanut butter blondie we had was also excellent. I would definitely recommend them if you have a wheat or gluten intolerance.

Next stop was Moolis. I needed something to counteract all the sweetness. I had the The Kerelan Coconut Beef (as recommended by Anne) and it was delicious! It’s not a burrito but for nearly the same price it is just as good or even better than the burrito places that have popped up all over London.

We hit up Hummingbird bakery next. We got a chocolate, vanilla Fourth of July and Mango special. The mango special was better than I expected but the frosting was way to sweet. The vanilla was my favorite of the day. Really soft and tasted of vanilla. The design was almost too cute to eat. I liked the chocolate one too. My favorite combo at Hummingbird is the vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

Rachel also got a Rocky Road. It was really hard and almost impossible to eat. Hilarious trying to watch her break a piece off!

We made a stop at Johnny Cupcakes next. I try not to go in there too often because I always walk out with a new shirt…This time it was the new watermelon one! Way too cute to resist!

Last stop of the day was Cox, Cookies & Cake. I had absolutely no more room for cupcakes at this point! Rachel had a chocolate cupcake and they gave her a free hot chocolate shot. I didn’t try the cupcake but the hot chocolate shot was very nice. Her cupcake was only £2.50, the more decorated ones are a hefty £4.00.

It was super fun to meet Rachel and I had a great time doing a cupcake tour! She took a lot more pictures than me so make sure to check out Cupcakes Take The Cake over the next few days.

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  1. I heart cupcakes

    Another Johnny Cupcakes tshirt – tut tut 😉 Last time I went there (the Hello Kitty day) I spent FAR too much so am avoiding it now!
    Glad you got some good cupcakes – not sure why Hummingbird seem to be getting sweeter and sweeter

  2. kayla took ron and I to johnny cupcake in boston yesterday! I got the strawberry shirt :)

  3. REread

    yum yum!!

  4. KitchenTherapy

    they look good. I've never been to these cupcake shops, makes me want to take a trip.

  5. tammy

    cupcake tours of london, what a great idea! But how did you eat so many in one day? I can only manage one in a day they are so sweet.