Cupcakes at The Shed London

The Shed

The Shed is a new coffee shop in Fulham, West London. I’ve been curious to visit as owner Danielle is constantly tweeting about how good the cupcakes they serve are.

The Shed

The shop is on a quiet street and is bright and cosy inside.
The Shed

If I lived locally to the area I would prefer to have my weekend coffee and read the newspaper (ok, the National Enquirer) here than at Starbucks.

The Shed
I like that the shop has character and Danielle’s other half was in the shop that day. He was very friendly and we had a nice chat.
The Shed
The opening party got a small feature in OK! magazine (Danielle is the sister of Spice Girl Mel B). They managed to fit a dance floor and a DJ in the tiny space for the opening party!
The Shed
The cupcakes are made by Crumbly Wumbly. Sorry for the out of focus pictures!

This is the Lime and Coconut Cupcake. It is “award winning” from The Guild of Fine Foods. I’m not sure what cupcake they ate but it wasn’t the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten. The frosting was delicious and tasted of coconut. I couldn’t taste any lime though and the cake was awfully dry.

The Shed
I also had a lavender and lemon cupcake. The frosting was amazing. I love lavender and this had a lovely taste. Such an imaginative combination as well. It was let down by the cake though, such a shame that the basics aren’t there. A cupcake should be soft, this was again hard and dry (and maybe stale).

To test if a cake is fresh and moist very gently squeeze the wrapper that’s over the cake. If it’s stale or dry you’ll be able to tell straight away!

The Shed
My friend had a peanut butter cupcake. It was also a little dry.
The Shed

The Shed is a very pleasant coffee shop. Despite the iffy cupcakes I would return again for a coffee and relaxing experience.The Shed, 59 Walham Grove, Fulham, SW6

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  1. Juliet Montesquieu

    What a lovely coffee shop! A shame that the cakes were dry, though. I found you on Blogs of Note – I am fascinated by London (And I do love cupcakes), so I'll be following you!

  2. Stone Cold Steve Megan

    I might be weird, but I kind of like a dry cupcake (not totally stale-dry, but a little dry). I like the contrast between the dryness of the cake and the moistness of the frosting. The Lavender cupcake sounds delicious.

  3. Michelle

    I'm loving your blog & this coffee shop looks lovely. I make cupcakes out of felt so dryness is a given, but I agree that this certainly shouldn't apply to the real thing.

  4. Cupcake Kelly

    @Michelle – Yum Felt Cupcakes! :-p

    @megan – i understand what you mean by a tad dry. too moist and the cupcakes won't stay upright. these were just too dry which is a shame as the frosting was so nice.

  5. what a cute shop but so sad the cake part was dry.

  6. You are so lucky to have a coffee shop that cute nearby! I live on the southside of Chicago, IL in the States and I have to drive to go to a place like that.

    BTW, congrats! You were on the list of Blogs of Note!

  7. Scott McIntyre

    What a great shop! Thanks for the post I will have to visit the Shed on my next visit. I agree about the slightly dry cupcake…not too dry,..but just right to then follow with a sip of coffee.

  8. Chit Chat Designs

    I just found your blog today! Those cupcakes look so delicious. Sorry to hear they didn't taste as good as they look. I'm guessing that coffee was good though…

  9. Scotty Lover

    I love reading your blog especially all the parts around London etc.

    Makes me yearn to live in a place with lots of choice for coffee shops.

    Keep writing please so I can keep reading, smiling and remembering my trips to the UK.

  10. Poisoned Princess

    Dry cupcakes aside, reading this has made me considerably more hungry than I already was. Hmmm perhaps I need to go find a little cup cake shop near here and indulge.

  11. msluffa

    i wont be suprised if most of their customers visit for the coffee and sofas.
    not a fan of dry cupcakes but i love pretty one.

  12. Anonymous

    What a lovely lil shop…I love me a good lemon cupcake but have never made a lavender frosting. Have you?

  13. anniebakes

    SOOOOO glad I found you love your site and I LVOE london! anne, your newest follower!

  14. I too have a relationship with cupcakes. I dream of visiting London so…yeah. I will live vicariously through your blog.

  15. Aℓєχ

    Mm… cupcakes 😉 I like. Mniam ;D

  16. Cheers!

    I am also a huge fan of cupcakes! Does anything make a day better than a good cupcake? My favorite restaurant choices are based solely on the wine list and whether or not they have good cupcakes. Entree's are seriously over rated! :)

  17. Jacabag

    This place looks really cute! I love the map on the wall x

  18. Very interesting blog post and report from a store selling cupcakes. I enjoyed reading what you've written 'cause you're writing style is very entertaining.


  19. Hm, lavender frosting? I can't even imagine what that would taste like. Thanks for giving me something to add to my bucket list!! :)

  20. Robinz723

    Thats great!
    Iam from sweden and following your blog. A friend to me is baking a lot of cupcakes. Look in to my blog and see what she is doing.
    Have a great day!

  21. IMaYDream

    Nice blog :)
    regards from finland!

  22. unfoundfinds

    I wonder how they'd taste frozen. Just saying looks like yummy ice-cream-cupcakes to me. So jealous of your cooking abilities, btw.

  23. Michelle

    The shop itself looks absolutely delightful!!

  24. Anonymous

    Cute As A Cupcake limited is now supplying the Cupcakes now. I went in a bought on today….nearly chewed off my own finger. You have to try them. Loved the red velvet!!!
    Check out their website

  25. London Cupcakes

    Interesting name for cupcakery but why 'The Shed'?

  26. Cupcake Kelly

    I think it is some sort of nick name for the Chelsea football stadium down the road. But I know nothing about football so it's just a guess!