Cox Cookies & Cake Review

Cox Cookies & Cake opened this week. I didn’t plan on going but we walked by and I really like the neon lights. It fits in with the other local “shops”.

Cupcakes with chocolate skulls!

They had some cute designs

I think this was my favorite
I got a chocolate strawberry cupcake. It was very good but I’m not sure the £4.00 they charge is worth it. For £4.00 I would expect something bigger or more gourmet. It got squished while I was carrying it around but the ones in the display case were a bit squished as well. Some of them didn’t look professional at all which isn’t a big deal but they’re charging professionally made prices!
I think I’d go back in a few weeks after they’ve been opened a while and have worked out all the kinks.

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*NEW* read Anne’s review of Cox, Cookies & Cake here. Her experience was worse than mine.

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