Columbia Road Flower Market & Cupcakes

Columbia Rd Market

I went to Columbia Road Flower Market for the first time last Sunday and I can’t believe that I’ve waited this long (shameful as I live in the same Borough as the market). If you’re in London it’s worth a visit. The flowers are beautiful and you can get a glimpse of a real East London Cockney trader. There are also plenty of cupcakes! It was much easier to get to than I’d anticipated. There is an Overground Station nearby but I was able to get the bus from Canary Wharf to Liverpool Street and then walked to the market.

Columbia Rd Market

I was surprised there were so many cupcakes considering that the Flower Market hardly spans two blocks. Columbia Road itself boasts a line of quirky shops and cafes that I think rival Portobello Road. It was also much less crowded than Notting Hill on a Sunday.

Columbia Rd Market

Our first stop was the newly opened Lily Vanilli Bakery. Open on only Sunday, Lily offers a range of coffee and baked goods. My friend chose a brownie. She reported to me later that it was delicious. Some simple vanilla cupcakes were on offer with fruit toppings.

Columbia Rd Market

Simple and delicious
Columbia Rd Market

The cake was pure and simple. It was so soft I just wanted to use it as a pillow and sleep in it! She clearly “gets” what makes a good cake/cupcake and (seems to me) doesn’t sell them just because they’re popular.

Columbia Rd Market

Second stop was Treacle, which was really cute inside. It was a shop with cutsey things for sale and the cupcakes are in a big case up front.

Columbia Rd Market 
Columbia Rd Market

They had some minis for £1 each. I got a chocolate. It had a nice flavor and was moist but after eating the Lily Vanilli cupcake it didn’t have that same wow factor.
Columbia Rd Market
Vintage Heaven was my favorite shop on Columbia Road. It was stuffed with mismatched crockery galore! I bought some fun plates for £3 each to use for my food photos. You need to dig through the piles to find the gems. I’ll definitely be back for more.
Columbia Rd Market

Nestled in the back of Vintage Heaven is a little cafe, The Cake Hole (see Vintage Heaven website). It was so busy we didn’t stop here but I think I saw a sign stating they have cupcakes from The Primrose Bakery.

Columbia Rd Market

On the way home we stopped for lunch (in Spitalfields) at new retro fish n’ chip joint, Poppies. I’m not a fish expert but we really enjoyed it. The lemon sole I had was excellent. I prefer my chips a little more crispy but they were still good.

Columbia Rd Market

Columbia Road is perfect for an afternoon adventure! I’m loving the little cactus I bought for my desk at work for £4. The little pink flowers cheer me up on long days.

Columbia Rd Market

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  1. The Fancy Lady

    oh wow i am favoriting this post of yours so i can remember to check this place out next time i go to london i love flower markets and cupcakes to what more can you ask for lol

  2. Kate@katescakesandbakes

    Columbia rd flower market is such a delightful visit and a Sunday must-do! I went just before Christmas and it was so festive and floral! Loved walking around with a steaming hot cup of chocolate and a bacon sandwich. Thank you for the cupcake recommendations!

  3. KitchenTherapy

    I've been meaning to check out he market, you have me sold.

  4. MissCakeBaker

    Columbia road is my favourite place to be on a Sunday. Great post.

  5. David Di Pinza

    I am not sure that I want my fiancee finding your blog. She has enough trouble with Oreos and other desserts from her job running a TGI Fridays in Taipei. And a mother who wants to plump her up.

  6. The Caked Crusader

    Looks really interesting. I'm ashamed I've never been. We drove right past Columbia Rd this morning so I really have no excuse!

  7. Miss Cupcake

    I love Columbia Rd. Flower Market
    It was there where I tested my first cupcake!!!
    and now Im trying to make some of them 😉
    Lots of kisses!!!xxxxx

  8. Cupcake Kelly

    Sam, I'm ashamed that I've lived here 9 years and haven't been. 4 of them right in Tower Hamlets! It is worth going just to get some flowerly plates from Vintage Heaven!