Carrot & Stick Online Bakery Review

Carrot & Stick is a newly launched online bakery serving Southeast London and Kent. They offer cake pops, cupcakes and cookies in over 20 flavors. Carrot & Stick sent me 3 cake pops to review.

The bakery is American owned and the cake is made from old family recipes. The pops are available to order online for £1.75 for orders of 3 dozen (minimum) and available for £2 at Montpelier Cafe in Blackheath and Biscuit Cafe & Ceramics Studio in Greenwich.

Chocolate fudge chick cake pop. I really liked the little candies that made up the eyes and limbs of the chick. It gave a nice texture contrast to the soft cake. It’s also very cute!

The cake was nice and soft inside and not too wet. I’m not a fan of cake pops that are mushy inside. This one had a nice balance. It was chocolate fudge flavor but it lacked a good chocolate punch. The only negative of all the pops I tasted.

Pink spotted lemon cake pop. This pop had the best flavor of the three. The lemon was nicely present but not too over or under whelming. The white chocolate coating was just right too.

Carrot & Stick sent me a photo of the peanut butter cup pop as I managed to squish the one they dropped off at my office. This was my favorite decorated pop. I love the simple little slice of Reese’s peanut butter cup on top as it looks like a little slice of pie!

I would definitely pick up a lemon pop from one of the cafes if I was nearby over a cake pop from Starbucks. I had no problem eating all 3 cake pops in one sitting!

I’ve not yet purchased anything from an online bakery and Carrot & Stick are also my first online bakery review.

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